New road markings at site of hit and run in Schaerbeek – 17 June 2019
By Bruzz (in Dutch)

Young girl hit by vehicle in Schaerbeek: road markings will change – 17 June 2019
By BX1 (in French)

Helmet neighbourhood chooses for traffic safety campaign for children – 19 December 2018
By Bruzz (in Dutch)

Report unsafe traffic situations in Helmet via an app – 29 June 2018
By BRUZZ (in Dutch)


Co-creating learning loops for public realm improvements in Brunswick, Manchester – 1 May 2018
By Urban Transformations (in English)


The Verona LOOPER project is online – 15 July 2018
By TG Verona (in Italian)

South Verona citizens control pollution – 13 July 2018
L’Arena di Verona (in Italian)

LOOPER project, the Verona platform against pollution – 13 July 2018
By Verona IN (in Italian)

LOOPER project. Online the Verona platform – 12 July 2018
By Comune di Verona (in Italian)

LOOPER project for the environment – 12 July 2018
By Telepace (in Italian)