First LOOPER deliverables have been published!

Two deliverables on how to engage hard-to-reach groups in public participation as well as guidelines on co-design tools that can enhance a co-creation process in Living Labs can now be read and downloaded from this website.

Co-design tools

The deliverable on co-design tools provides an analysis and evaluation of online, digital and face-to-face tools that can enhance a co-creation process in Living Labs, and in particular the co-design stage. These guidelines provide both an overview on the breadth of tools available and 21 in-depth factsheets on tools that are promising for LOOPER.

Engaging hard-to-reach groups

The inclusion of hard-to-reach groups can greatly contribute to the success of a public participation or co-creation process, but there is no silver-bullet that will result in the engagement of these groups. The deliverable on hard-to-reach groups provides an overview of academic and practice-oriented literature on hard-to-reach groups and puts it in the context of LOOPER. This document identifies strategies that can increase the participation of those groups.

An overview of LOOPER deliverables can be found under ‘Deliverables’.