LOOPER consortium meets in Italy!

Almost one year into the project, the LOOPER consortium met up in Italy on 28 and 29 May to share experiences and discuss next steps.

LOOPER consortium partners convened in Venice and Verona on 28 and 29 May to share experiences and discuss next steps regarding the LOOPER platform, methodology, and Living Labs. The Brussels delegation was made up of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and BRAL; the Manchester delegation included the University of Manchester, S4B, and Clicks+Links; and the Italian delegation consisted of the University IUAV of Venice, Legambiente, and the City of Verona.

The first day was dedicated to presenting the work done so far and looking ahead to see what needs to be done in the next two years. In the morning, the deliverables on co-design tools, hard-to-reach groups, evaluation of co-designed solutions, guidelines for Living Labs, and evaluation and monitoring of Living Labs were discussed. After lunch, privacy regulations were discussed and IUAV demonstrated the online LOOPER platform to project partners.

The meeting on day two took place in Verona, where one of the LOOPER Living Labs is located. The audience included the alderwomen of environment for the City of Verona as well as citizens active in the Verona Living Lab. The Living Lab organisers from Brussels, Manchester, and Verona presented the progress in their respective Living Labs. A short session was then dedicated to external communication. This was followed by a neighbourhood walk, where the air pollution and noise measurement tools were demonstrated.